About Us

Hi and welcome to Acrylic Art Australia

My name is Thomas and I am the founding partner of Acrylic Art Australia. During our time at home, my daughter Olivia and I were painting rocks in the backyard. Olivia suggested that we should host an art class for children in our area to participate in learning how to draw and use acrylic paints on rocks. This idea started to develop so I started searching online for acrylic pens and what we would need. The prices were so expensive and I wasn't happy with what was on offer so I decided to create our own acrylic paint pens. 

Being a primary school teacher, and also experienced marketing and graphic designing, I decided to create our very own characters to represent each paint packs. And so was born our adorable animal characters, which we all love.

Acrylic Art Australia paint markers allow you to create amazing artworks with a multitude of colours to choose from and different size tips, making them a dream to work with. Each pen is made to be easily held with each displaying its own personalised colour lid to distinguish between each pen. 

Each pen is suitable to use on any surface including canvas, paper, rocks, clothes, glass, wood, plastic, and are non-toxic and odourless. Our vibrant colours are fade resistant, and quick drying plus our paints are water soluble, which make it great to mix colours together.

Our products are Australian owned and stored in Sydney, Australia. For any further information on all our products, please feel free to email us at info@acrylicart.com.au

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. I look forward to see what amazing artwork you are going to create.

Thomas 😊